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Residential complex “Misto Trav”

The first stage of the residential complex was built in 2017. A complex of apartments that became home for active residents of the city is located in a place free of the building, next to the city highway, shopping center, airport and park. A course on the active implementation of ecological solution and technology was taken during the planning and realization. The courts of the residential complex are free of cars, instead, underground parking is situated in the whole area. The entrance to the courtyard is provided exclusively for operational and fire services.

  • Lead Architect: Volodymyr Yosypchuk, Alexander Betsenko
  • Team: The concept of the architectural bureau ZOTOV&CO; Nazar Shklianka, Nazar Fedoryshyn, Danylo Gaiduk, Roman Krasnopolskyi
  • Year: 2017
  • Location: 226 Kulparkivska street, Lviv, Ukraine
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