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Residential complex “Forum Apartments”

Three major factors influenced the design decision: preserving the panorama of Lviv within the limits of the historical area of ​​the city, linking the historical fabric of the street facades and lowering the negative impact of the railway track passing by the site. The complex is divided into two parts: one of them completes historically valuable buildings on the Pid Dubom street with a high-rise accent, which sits on the axis of Dzherelna Street and closes its perspective. The other part is located in the depth of the site, parallel to the railway track, it serves as a protection for the courtyard spaces and the rest of the complex from the outdoor noise.

  • Lead Architect: Volodymyr Yosypchuk, Alexander Betsenko
  • Team: Nazar Shklianka, Iryna Yevochka, Alexander Kozak
  • Year: 2016-2019
  • Location: 26 Pid Dubom Street, Lviv, Ukraine
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