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Residential complex “Vilne Misto”

This residential complex is a certain reference point in the revitalization of the former industrial zone in Lviv, which, because of having lost its functional saturation, begins to be used as an area for the intensive development of the city. The combination of such a typical solution for residential complexes like sectional building with a non-standard facade for modern Lviv housing, provided an opportunity for a laconic architecture that reflects the specifics of the complex’s location.

The structure of the residential complex includes all necessary household infrastructure objects. Thіs project envisages the creation of a common recreation area with a cafe-bakery and concierge service on the first floor, and on the roof of sixteen-story sections – a multi functionally area for sports

  • Lead Architect:  Alexander Betsenko
  • Team: Mykhaylo Mysko, Oksana Fitsych, Markiyan Nahornyuk, Mykyta Makukhin
  • Year: 2017 – current time
  • Location: 27 Professor P. Buika Street, Lviv, Ukraine
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