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Residential complex “New Fort”

The project of residential complex Pidzamce–Fort is the part of the revitalization strategy of the former industrial district in Lviv. At the site of today’s not functioning, the industrial “belt” of the city is expected to create multifunctional spaces, including residential. Housing ensures the well-being of the region and enriches the streets with people, which increases their attractiveness and security.

Nowadays this area, located next to the city center, lacks modern infrastructure and space for comfortable living and relaxation. The design area is located on one of the former production sites of the Soviet plant «Almazinstrument». Existing industrial buildings are clamped in the middle of the unfinished in the previous period quarter. In former times, through the site started street tracing, instead of which in the Soviet period was built production complex. The story with the street gave impetus to the crystallization of the idea of creating two new quarters that would form comfortable spaces for different age groups of the district’s residents. And the street will be restored in a pedestrian-bicycle boulevard.

Outside the quarters are closed from the streets of the city, and in the middle the yards flow into each other. The complex will also be saturated with service facilities, and a kindergarten will be arranged in one of the sections. An important element of the project will be the underlining of the industrial past site. Some of the workshops were erected in the Polish era, and these buildings are rich in quality architectural elements that will now be integrated into the modern facades of residential buildings, and some of the walls will become elements of the improvement of the yard. Outside, residential buildings will receive rocky roofs and chimneys – the peculiarities for the Lviv, which will set new, interesting silhouettes in urban space. Inside the building blocks designed variable spaces with green terraces, the architecture of their facades will be devoid of large planes, which in the complex will provide to spaces on the site a good human scale.

  • Architects: AVR Development
  • Lead Architect: Volodymyr Yosypchuk
  • Team: Vitalii Kvych, Nazar Shklianka, Yuliia Muzychuk, Oleksandr Betsenko, Olha Sokha, Ali Memetov, Viktoria Seniuk
  • Year: 2018-2019
  • Location: Volunska Street, Lviv, Ukraine


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