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Residential complex “City”

“Architecture should respond to the complicated world outlook of the modern
man…” Rem Koolhaas

The main idea of the project is not to interrupt the pedestrian link between the residential area and the “700 anniversary of Lviv” park and create an architecture that will destroy the perception of the building as a monotonous box.

In the level of the first and second floors, the building is divided into two parts, providing a through the passage and strengthening the public space. In the yard, there is no access for cars. The whole area under the building is arranged semi-underground parking. The first floor of the building has a commercial function and at the same time separates housing and parking.

The building is divided horizontally into two parts, the upper part of which is rotated about the axis by a few degrees, which creates an interesting architectural appearance of the building. On the 11th floor, there is an exploited terrace with an incredible view of the city and a recreation area for the inhabitants.

  • Nomination: Residential architecture. Unrealized residential object
  • Lead Architect:  Alexander Betsenko
  • Team: Vitaliy Kvych, Yevheniya Petrych
  • Year: 2016-2018
  • Location: 69 V. Chornovola Ave, Lviv, Ukraine
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